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Now, parents can view & print their children’s school photos online

November 6, 2009

Universal High, a chain of ICSE/IGCSE schools with presence in Malad, Dahisar, & Thane, has launched an innovative, convenient & affordable photo-printing service called ePhotos.

The ePhotos service is a private and secure online photo album where the staff of Universal High uploads latest photos from school events like field trips, annual days, etc. Parents of Universal High are provided with their own ePhotos accounts using which they can access this online service from the comfort of his/her home, office or nearest cyber cafe. The service allows parents to view & share photos with their friends or family through email or through popular social networks at the click of a few mouse buttons. They can also instantly order photo prints or even personalised gift items like posters, t-shirts or mugs with photos printed on them.

Access to the ePhotos service is provided at no charge. Prices for prints start at Rs. 3 per photo. Payment can be made via credit/debit card, online banking, ITZ cash cards or even, money order. The prints or gifts are couriered to any address in the world in the matter of a few days. Parents can also use also use ePhotos to print their personal photos, taken from their digital cameras or mobile phone cameras by uploading them to their respective ePhotos accounts.


Says Mrs. Anuradha Iyer, vice-chairperson of the PTA at Universal HIgh, Dahisar, “Usually, we parents have to go through the rigmarole of physically visiting the school, browsing painfully through hundreds of photos, ordering prints & then visiting the school again to collect the prints. With ePhotos, I can view latest & old photos from home whenever I feel like. I can quickly share the photo on my Facebook profile or choose to order a print. What I like most is that I can order not only photo prints but also t-shirts & mugs with my child’s school photos on them. Prices are reasonable & the service is efficient. What else can a parent ask for?”

Jesus S. M. Lall, the CEO of the Universal Education (UE) adds, “The service was soft-launched in our Malad school late last year. The response from parents was encouraging. We ironed out some minor logistics issues during the vacation & conducted extensive trials. Finally, the service was fully launched in September this year. In order to encourage parents to use ePhotos, we even made the first 20 prints free for them.”

Pinky Pujara, UE’s Director (Schools), gives it a thumbs up while adding, “Parents can order ePhotos as easily as they can book train tickets online. In order to handhold parents who are not net-savvy, we provided personalised demonstrations during visiting days & other scheduled trips to the school.”

“The service is totally safe. Photos are uploaded in a secure online album that can be accessed only by holders of designated passwords – i.e., parents & teachers. Other security mechanisms like IP address tracking, etc. are also put in place”, says, Jimi Gajab, UE’s IT manager

About Universal High

Universal High, a part of Universal Education, is a chain of ICSE & IGCSE schools based in Malad, Dahisar & Thane. The schools are housed in purpose-built fully-air-conditioned glass-and-steel buildings. A great deal of emphasis is put on technology-enabled-learning & the school boasts of plasma TVs in each smart class, laptop labs and learning management systems.

More information about UE schools is available at http://www.universalhigh.edu.in.


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